Monday, August 24, 2009

Rock Climbing in Ramanagram near Bangalore

It was one of those days when your body is itching for the dose of climbing and nothing less than Ramanagram rocks can satisfy the hunger.

Beautiful saturday morning.

The weather was perfect for an absolute full day of climbing. One of the best things about staying in Bangalore is the most amazing weather in the whole of the world and one of the best climbing place, only a kissing distance away.

The rock face.

Well, this is the famous rock face, where 6 routes are bolted. All with grades around 5.

Now, I don’t think anything else needs to be said, photographs will say everything. It was a pure bliss.

Dhanalakshmi during the lead climb.

John with Top Rope.

Full view.





The group.

Nagu on the left-most route.

Nagu on the left-most route.

Rain god, pounding on us.

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, rain played the spoilsport. Once it came down for 30mins and the next time for more than an hour. And more so, over the face of the rock.

Then it was the time to call it a day. Rock climbing in Ramanagram always leaves me with burning fingers and hell lot of satisfaction. Keep Climbing.
By Neeraj Kumar

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kalhatti Falls And Kemmangundi Trek 8th-9th Aug 2009

Heavy rains have made the Chickmaglur region very enticing for the treks, especially the Kalhatti Falls and the Kemmangundi Area. Foothills of Kalhatti Falls is around 270 kms from Bangalore. A not so bad 6 hrs ride away.

Chickmaglur district is indeed one of the most beautiful regions in Karnataka. But the state government looks to be doing a half hearted job of promoting this region.


Karnataka Tourism’s name is indeed here but sans the good access roads. Lets not spoil the beauty of Kalhatti Falls by giving references to government’s in-actions.

Trek starts from a temple located at the foothills. Many people have misunderstood this to be the Kalhatti Falls. Well, you are bound to be mistaken, big time.


The initial trail cuts through a very dense forest. Looking at these very very tall trees, realizes us the position of mankind, in the tall order of nature.


Now behold, one of the best kept secrets of Chickmaglur is about to be unfolded, the Kalhatti Waterfall. It is magnificent.


Unlike Hebbe, not a single soul comes here to spoil the beauty. During whole of Saturday, we could not see any other human form apart from our trekking group.


The water fall is in two parts. The top part is mostly inaccessible, but when the water touches the ground in the second half, it is one of the most awesome places to feel the bullet piercing the bodies.(I mean taking bath :D)


Side view of the waterfall.


After the rush of adrenaline, it was time to head to the top of the Kalhatti Hill. Camp site for the nigh halt.


Campsite was next to the water stream, which eventually becomes the Kalhatti Waterfall. It is very intriguing that till now no one has found the origin of the water source. The story goes that, whoever has tried to find the origin, has not returned. The origin lies in a dense forest somewhere in this region. The forest is extremely dense and is infested with King Cobras. Well, no one knows how true it is, but very very interesting.


The next morning was straight out of a Hollywood movie. A stunning morning.


Finally we did take a group photograph. Kids indeed made the trek very noisy but very exciting as well.


Super Priya playing the Dumb Charades.


The trek from the Campsite to the Old English bungalow and then to Kemmangundi, definitely made the Microsoft windows wallpaper look very mediocre.

We were left speechless.




There is an old English bungalow on the way to Kemmangundi. It is on top of one of the adjacent hills. It is now completely in ruins, but even now, looking at the location makes me feel jealous of the occupants of this place.


They had a swimming pool as well.


From the Kalhatti top, it is mostly downhill for the Kemmangundi. After slipping at many places we made it to Kemmangundi. Well frankly speaking, after being at the top of Kalhatti Falls Hill, Kemmangundi seems to be a much hyped place. Apart from z-point(hill top) and few gardens there is nothing much in it. Sorry to say, but that’s what it is. There are couple of eating places and guest houses at the top.

The best location in Kemmangundi is the garden at the top; it indeed provides some breathtaking views.



Well, we made full use of the sharp drop at the top, for Rappelling.


To close this blog, hats off to Super Priya. I have never seen a 7 year old, doing every bit of trek, enjoying every bit of the waterfall bullet and every bit of rappelling.

By Neeraj Kumar

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artificial Climbing Wall Setup

The prospect of a Climbing wall in a corporate campus, would be a dream come true for Climployees (Climber + Employees). Yes, don’t bother to look in dictionary, it is a new word.


I think the biggest beneficiary of such a wall would be the company itself. Well it is a simple sport which teaches a lot lessons even without giving a single lecture. Here no one is standing on a stage giving a hard-to-say-not-boring lecture nor are the employees sitting in a conference room and looking at some sleepy slides.


The aim is simple, there is a climbing wall in front of you and the only thing you have to do is to reach the top. Well, concentrate, look at the holds and the route, make the plan and execute it to the perfection, whatever be the obstacles, which may come.

Mars Adventures did an Artificial Wall Setup at a corporate campus in Hyderabad very recently. The theme of the event was ‘Scaling new heights’. There is nothing better than making employees climb a wall to make them geared up for the higher goals.


The club has been setting up the temporary walls for corporate events, for quite some time now. Well this was the first time that Mars was invited to Hyderabad for such an event. This definitely makes it an occasion to write about it and moreover we got some really nice photographs.

Artificial Wall at Moming, Bangalore

This time, we had used a very robust and mobile frame for setting up the mobile wall. The whole wall weighed hardly more than 400kgs.

Wall in making

The whole structure can be assembled and disassembled in 3 hrs flat. Believe me that’s a very good time.

The expected number of people to climb the wall was only around 40. But by the end of the day more than 200 employees had climbed the wall. Many of them were repeaters who desperately wanted to reach the top.


All in all, it was a hugely successful event for the corporate firm and a very satisfying one for the Mars.