Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile Artificial Climbing Wall Setup at Forum Mall Bangalore

Well, the mobile artificial climbing wall is going places.

Updated with the pictures of the wall after the recent burst of creativity!!!
23rd Jan 2010

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore Artwork 3

Event promotion at the Garuda Mall, Bangalore

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore Artwork 2

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore Artwork 1

The wall after the art work.

A stark difference with the wall before.

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore 5

From Hyderabad to Functions to Schools and now Shopping Malls.

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore 2

The mobile artificial climbing wall setup was a novel way for the promotion of the new UTV action movie channel.

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore 1

The wall is 8ft wide and 20ft high. The setup is very much refined now and it takes only couple for hours for the setup.

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore 3

Wherever the wall has been put up, the response has been very good. Well, this is acting as a means to popularize the sport as well, which is very much needed :D

Artificial Climbing Wall Bangalore 4

Friday, January 8, 2010

Badami Rock Climbing Trip

Beyond any doubt, Badami is THE paradise for Rock Climbers.

Pictures will speak for themselves. A photo log of the year end climbing trip.

Badami Rock Climbing First Day

It has the most wonderful lead routes and equally crazy bouldering moves.

Badami Rock Climbing Bouldering Sunil

Badami Rock Climbing Bouldering Crazy Dyno

It’s a big crazy dyno move.

Badami Rock Climbing 20ft first clip

There are more than 200 bolted routes. But sad to say that some of the burden-to-the-society people have stolen the starting hangers :( Very bad, which has resulted in some really high first clips. Like this one at more than 20ft.

Badami Rock Climbing Lead

The rocks are made up of sandstone and limestone. Thus we could climb for 4 continuous days. Compared to Ramanagram granites, they are super smooth, very very nice.

Badami Rock Climbing Nishant

Badami Rock Climbing Divya

Badami Rock Climbing Bouldering Dil Route

Some bouldering routes are really scary, like this one with the finishing hold at more than 25ft.

Badami Rock Climbing Bouldering Mu

And some are really technical.

Badami Rock Climbing Routes

There are routes literally every where. You just have to look up and bingo, there is a route.

Badami Rock Climbing 6a more

Badami Rock Climbing 6a

Badami Rock Climbing Jump

Great Shot!

Badami Cave Temples

Apparently, for non-climbers, Badami is most famous for its Cave Temples.

By Neeraj Kumar