Monday, February 3, 2014

MTV Xtreme Event Promotion at Mars Climbing Wall - Phoenix Market City - Bangalore

MTVXtreme Event Promotion at Mars Climbing Wall - Phoenix Market City - Bangalore

Date: 2nd Feb 2014 - Sunday - Full Day Event

MTVXtreme is organizing India's Biggest Rock Music & Adventure Sports Festival on 16th Feb 2014 at Buddha International Circuit, Noida.

As a part of the promotion, MTV distributed free tickets to the winner of the Climbing + Mountain Dew Drinking Contest. Lucky winners get the chance to attend the Rock Music and Adventure Sports Festival.

The event attracted lot of guys and gals, with quite a few of them winning the free tickets.







Artificial Climbing Wall is 52ft high X 15ft wide and is the tallest in Bangalore. Find more info at Phoenix Market City Climbing Wall

Mars Climbing Wall at Phoenix Market City Bangalore is open to event promotions. Please contact Kamesh(+91-9886664666) / Neeraj(+91-9972677442) for further details.