Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock Climbing

Well, there is no need to define Rock Climbing. It is only for those who do it or who strive to do it. It is definitely not for those who want to see it and enjoy it.

Why people do it? well, i cannot answer for everyone but, some do it, to challenge themselves, some do it, to push themselves harder than ever, some do it, to reach that elusive "hard to get" goal, some do it, to take the hardest route and still make things happen. In the end, it is nothing but "making the impossible happen".

This sport is a perfect example of how you want to look at a situation. It is all about your attitute. When climbing a rock, one can see in-numerable number of routes in it, it is about choosing the right one and making the right moves. One may like to give up at every hold, on the contrary, one may like to see every hold as a new challenge. It is also about gauging the situation and making the most of what is available. A good climber is one who takes time to observe the route, who plans his every move and executes them to perfection.

Many a times, we are faced with situations that demand the one extra push, the one last push to reach the goal. It is very similar to climbing, when you are near the top and only one hold away from it, facing a very difficult and next to impossible hold, it is all about bringing oneself together and giving the one last push, to make impossible possbile.

Rock Climbing brings out the best and the worst from people. It is definitely the way to beat the worst and to get the best out of us.

Be tough, be the best. Life is too short, to not to push oneself, to not to challenge oneself, to not to achieve the impossible.

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