Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mars Adventures Camp Site in Bangalore

Mars Adventures Camp Site in Bangalore is truly a place where beauty meets the action. The container setup at a lush green lawn, just takes the heart away.


The site has turned containers into a setup, which is hard to believe.


From a distance it does look like the dumping ground of Robots for those who have seen iRobot. Will Smith is indeed on his way to liberate the Robots.


There is a well(bawi) as well to serve the water needs. Well this well is an artificial one, till the point someone actually looks into it. Nicely done.


The site boasts of a 40ft artificial climbing wall as well.


The best kept secret of the Site is the roof hidden in one of the containers.


During the run-up to the Climbing competitions, the roof asks for the mercy of the climbers.



The container is no where less than a indoor climbing gym.


The site acts as a place for team events, rope techniques courses, trainings and camping site.

Green peace participants taking part in the Rope Techniques Training.


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