Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Outdoor Rustic Furniture at Mars Campsite

Man’s creation has no limits.


This is what you get when you want to stay close to nature and be creative at the same time!!!


Classic outdoor furniture made of Casuarinas wood. The strong casuarinas wood has given the furniture an extraordinary degree of strength and sturdiness. The furniture is ideal for an outdoor place/lawn and is maintenance free.


Well, it can act as a standalone table as well.


A furniture to sit on and enjoy the sun & the gentle breeze.....(only if rain god permits!!!)


ravi said...


Unknown said...

it rocks

Wulfgar said...

Excellent rustic pieces!

How does the wood hold up in the weather, after a couple of seasons?

marsadventures said...

Casuarinas wood is known for its strength, it is the same wood which is used to make scaffoldings. It will easily last for 4-5 years under sun and rain, and even longer with yearly polishing.