Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Artificial Climbing Wall at Bangalore

A new 50ft high and 12ft wide Artificial Climbing Wall has been setup by Mars Adventures at Play Arena in Bangalore. Play arena is located near Kaikondanahalli Lake(next to Total Mall) on Sarjapura Road.

The new wall is one of a kind in the world as containers have been used as the support structure for the wall. The containers have been used very innovatively to form a T – shape, on which the giant wall is put up.

The wall is now open for use. It has been used as one of the tasks in this year's edition of MTV Roadies as well.

All the climbers are welcome to use the facility. Contact Kamesh at +91 9886664666 for details.




Anup Shastry said...

sooper!! :)

Unknown said...

Impressive! Well done!

Unknown said...

I had been there tis saturday its jus mind blowing guys n ill be climbing der from march 1st week regularly hoping to catch up more of ya I know all of ya would like to make it der ;-)

vidhu shah said...

the wall is really gud i go thre on mondays wednesdays and fidays

Anonymous said...

How many routes are there and what grades? I have never climbed in Bangalore, but its great to see this. I climb regularly here in California and am happy to see that I wont have to give up this passion when I get back to Bangalore.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like there are too many routes Anu. But its great to have a wall in Bangalore. I wish there was a one in my home city - Chandigarh.


PS: Btw, I climb regularly in CA as well and know that there's a climber with your name in my gym. What are the chances :) Anyway don't think any of us will come back to this page to check :(