Thursday, October 28, 2010

16th South Zone Sports Climbing Competition 2010

Welcome the wonderful world of sports climbing

This year's South Zone Sports Climbing Competition was conducted in Bangalore at the Artificial Climbing Wall located in Kanteerava Stadium on 23rd and 24th of Oct 2010. Needless to say it was an amazing spectacle. It was an opportunity to see the climbing skills of some of the best climbers from the South Zone.

In the realm of sports climbing, time is limited, whether it is difficulty climb(5mins) or speed climb(hardly 10-15secs). This time limit brings out the best from the climbers, be it the planning of the route or the swift moves.

Junior Boys observing the lead route.

This year's competition had only Lead and Speed climbs for Seniors(aged above 16), Juniors(aged between 13 and 16) and Sub-Juniors(aged below 13) categories. Sadly no bouldering for this year.

Day1(23rd Oct 2010) was filled with the semi-finals for Lead and Speed climbs for all the categories. Finals took place on Day2(24th Oct 2010).

Nakul on his lead climb

More than 120 climbers from Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh participated in the competition. A descent number, which needs to grow many many times more in the upcoming years. Well, it was good to see climbers from Tamilnadu and Kerala, keeping in mind the fact that Karnataka has been the bastion of sports climbing in South Zone, or rather in whole of India.

South Zone has been winning the coveted National Sports Climbing Trophy for more than last 7 years. Bangalore climbers have proved it every year.

Sunil on his lead climb

Coming back to this years competition, there was excellent display of climbing from Mars Adventures Climbers.

Isha on her Top Rope climb

Divya on her lead climb

Aakriti on the Roof section of her lead climb

Uthkarsh on his lead climb

Flawless climb of Nishanth Patel was the start attraction of the Junior Boys Lead Category.

Nishath and Nakul on their speed climb

Kids getting a lesson from the Coach

Mars Team

An excellent performance by team Mars, with Nishanth, Uthkarsh, Swaroop and Divya being selected for the 16th National Sports Climbing Competition to be held on a new wall in New Delhi on 9th, 10th and 11th of Nov 2010.

GETHNA, the administrative body for sports climbing in Karnataka made some welcome announcements.
A new speed wall to be ready by next year end
A new covering roof for the existing wall
Platform up-gradation of the existing wall structure

Well, now its time for GETHNA to perform on the wall as well!!!

P.S. None of the final routes were completed, that's shameful. We definitely need better climbers, come on guys, you can do much better than that !!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mobile Climbing Wall for Kids

Now kids can have a climbing wall, on which they can go around and around and around......literally endlessly.

Welcome the Telephone booth shaped wall !!!

Mobile Climbing Wall 1

Mars has just finished a highly Mobile Climbing Wall, specially designed for kids. It has even wheels to move it.

Mobile Climbing Wall 2

The wall is in the shape of a box with dimensions of 4ft x 4ft x 8ft.

It has fibre coated climbing surface on the four sides of the box, each measuring 4ft wide and 8ft high.

Mobile Climbing Wall 3

When the kids were introduced to the wall, their joy was palpable. Enjoy the pictures.

Mobile Climbing Wall 4

Mobile Climbing Wall 5

Kids can start from one side and traverse all around the wall.

Mobile Climbing Wall 6

Mobile Climbing Wall 7

Mobile Climbing Wall 8

Keep Climbing !!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rope Challenge Course in Coorg

On 27-Feb-2010 we visited Jungle Gym @ Now or Never Land - a place of enthusiastic people who want to get away from comfortable city life, enjoy and test themselves into different outdoor activities.

Situated in one of the sleepy coffee estates of Virajpet taluk of Coorg, is the gym conceptualized and developed by Mars Adventures, Bangalore. Don't get afraid with name gym; the "jungle gym" is a series of physical activities designed to boost self confidence and morale coupled with brought alive by marvelous engineering effort. It is also widely known as Rope Challenge Course.

Have you ever been thrilled about commando exercises? Imagined walking literally on a tightrope? Or daring to challenge yourself to overcome fear of heights? 'Jungle gym' is exactly the place you would die to visit.

The reception is curved out of fallen trees.


The look and feel has been kept adapt with the surrounding nature.


There is something special about the way standing platforms are constructed - are you smart enough to notice bullock cart wheel?


Wall of rope net, it takes persistence to cross this.


This wooden bridge weights more than a ton; how did it rise up there without a crane? Neeraj took up Rohan's challenge and crossed it in less than 30 seconds, how? Looking for answers?

(Swinging Plank Walk)

Kamesh Sir leading from the front - as a participant.


Nothing less than tightrope walking

(Single Rope Walk)

Balance and keeping the correct foot is the key; so true with life as well.

(Swinging Log Walk)

Neeraj crossing the Barrel

(Barrel Crawl)

Wish real horse ride would be this smooth

(Horse Ride)

Zip Line - gives you the feeling of flying without wings.

(Zip Line)

Ever rode a cycle in the air?

(Bicycle Ride)

The combination of self confidence, right technique and perseverance can get you through this

(Zig-Zag Swinging Log Walk)

Not everything in life is a cakewalk, this is where we need guidance and experience to keep balance

(Pole Walk)

(Pole Walk)

Every ride is smooth in the end if we stay commited, the visit to jungle gum turns out to be a more spiritual experience with nature being our guru exposing our own strengths and weaknesses; thanks to Mars Adventures for setting it up amidst stunning beauty without harming nature.

-- By Rohan

Friday, February 5, 2010

15th National Sports Climbing Competition Gwalior India

Well, this year the nationals was on a new wall and in a university campus. The wall is nice.


This wall is definitely the best artificial climbing wall in the country.

The rock face is the most impressive feature. It gives the same rock surface feel with zero accidents.


The event was organized in the Laxmi Bai National Univeristy of Physical Education, Gwalior, M.P. The wall is an indoor structure placed in their multi purpose hall.

This year’s South Zone team was big, 28 participants.


The event was inaugurated by the Gwalior’s Mayor. Participants at the inauguration.


Isha, aged only 8 years, did a demo climb during the inauguration. A very nice way to start the event.


Purushothama during lead semis.


Uthkarsh during lead semis.


Womens and Girls had the privilege of climbing on the rock face for their semis and finals. That’s unfair to the boys!!!!!!!!!

Kala during lead semis.


A new permanent Bouldering structure was also created specially for the event. It has definitely got good standard. It provides four different surfaces with lots and lots of scope for setting really crazy routes. Nice!!!


Divya during bouldering semis


Our Rancho, Nakul.


Nishanth has got rave reviews about his climbing. His climb was beautiful and an absolute pleasure to watch. Nishanth during lead finals.


Men during observation for third bouldering route.


Divya during speed qualifiers.


Mars team along with Kala in the background during her bouldering semis.


Now comes the winning moments.

Praveen with 3 golds, definitely proved once again as he is the best.


Kala, with 2 golds is not far behind.


Winners waiting for their roll calls.


Divya with her silver medal.


Nishanth with his Gold medal.



South Zone team with the winner’s trophy.


Fruits of hard work.


Evolution and a very fine performance by the martians with 3 golds, 2 silver and 1 bronze in the 15th National Sports Climbing Competition.


Well, to close it off, we have always seen bikes and cars running in a well, on Television. It was really breath-taking to see in front of your eyes. We had a chance to go to Gwalior Fair, and it was nothing less than spectacular to watch this crazy stunt show.


Hats off to the bikers.