Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree Top House in Bangalore

What do these logs of wood suggest?


Having a personal Tree Top House was never so easy. Mars has just finished building a Tree Top House in Koramangala, Bangalore.

The Tree Top House is made up of Casuarinas wood. The construction of the house was split in two parts, first creating the frame at the Mars Campsite and then assembling and erecting it, at the final place.

Ground work for the Tree Top House, at the campsite.



The Tree Top House has been erected in the spacious backyard of the house. The frame being assembled.


If you are interested in dimensions, then you would be amazed to read that the floor area measures 12ft x 14ft, that is more than enough for a Double bed, Sofa set and other luxuries. But, don’t turn the Tree Top House into a bedroom, let it be the place where you feel being part of nature.

It has a never-before-seen flooring. The flooring work in progress.


Well, the Tree Top House is built on four wooden pillars at the height of 8 feet from the ground. There is a jack fruit tree in the backyard as well, but it is still very young, not very strong. Jack Fruit tree has its own share of contribution to the Tree Top House, the tree goes right through the floor and through the roof of the Tree Top House.

Ladder work in progress.


The roof of the Tree Top House is rain proof, now you where to sip hot tea and eat spicy pakoras, isn’t it?

The Tree Top house can easily take load of up to 8 adults.

Now, Behold for the finished version of Tree Top House!!!



The interiors work is still in progress. Kamesh has some marvelous ideas for the interiors as well. Well, I can the see place being used in immense number of ways in future. Few being, a hangout place for kids, casual party place and place to do lots and lots of chit-chat for the ladies!!!!!!!!!

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man it rocks.i wish i had one of those.